Vital Kicks: About Us


Vital Kicks Incorporated is a Chicago based sneaker consignment business founded by owner, Brian Chan in 2017. VK's mission has always been to add to the sneaker community in both desired and unique ways. We sell the most limited and high demand streetwear, ensuring authenticity and quality. Every item that makes it into our inventory is inspected and authenticated.

Furthermore, we've expanded on our social media platforms, creating content to entertain and educate the community as it relates to our streetwear culture. Vital Kicks is a staple to stay. As we inch towards our first permanent & physical location, this website stands to be another way to Shop Vital Kicks. Read more about us below...

 Expanding to physical locations:


From 2017-2019, VK focused on increasing its investments, inventory and expanding connections and clientele on a virtual platform basis. However, in 2020, we took things into the retail spaces of Chicago, and haven't looked back since. Ending off of 2022, we've popped up in neighborhoods such as Pilsen, Chinatown, Bronzeville, Wicker Park & Bridgeport. With any new & upcoming pop up, learn about it on IG first.

Will 2023 be the year of our first permanent Brick & Motor?

Expanding our online presence:

Vital Kicks Incorporated started on Instagram and has worked on expanding that as its primary platform since inception. However, increasing the ways you can shop the most Vital inventory is alway priority. Also, finding ways to add value to the sneaker community is most definitely Vital. Therefore in 2022, we've expanded to this website & other platforms such as YouTube & Tik Tok to spread knowledge and joy as it relates to Hype!

Learn more about those platforms here


A look into VK's Founder, Brian/ Vital:


"Once I speak, they always tell me, "You're not from Chicago are you?"

Though Chicago has become my home, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. That might explain my love for fashion... and spending way more than I should admit on the best fits."

"Do you think it explains your hustle and drive?"

"Maybe.. New York is full of go getters always ready to flip anything for profit. But honestly, it has to come from my mother. That woman never stops working. But to be real, I want to be just like her. Critical on everything and ignorant about nothing. Invest & build in yourself so that you can provide for others"

"I like that... Tell me about how VK came to life"

"After my undergrad at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, Chicago just became the natural next step. I came so much throughout my college experience, I knew this was the city I wanted to start my adulthood. In my senior year of college, I was hired to teach for Chicago Public Schools as a Special Education Teacher. I was empowered with impacting the youth of Chicago, but I also never allowed my passion to subside. I knew that I had a steady income to invest now, and I put my first 3 paychecks into starting Vital Kicks with a small inventory. Soon as I clocked off with the kids, I clocked in with Vital Kicks. I spent my evenings growing my platforms and expanding my clientele in person and nationwide. That exposure & persistence lead to new connections, media attention, pop-up shops & store partnerships. All I ever did was stay motivated and consistent. And here we are 6 years later.